Headlines: July 3rd, 1998


The Government has announced plans to set up mechanisms to despatch teams of doctors, nurses and managers into failing NHS Trusts.

In measures similar to those which allow Government intervention in failing schools, Frank Dobson has announced the creation of a Director of Health Improvement to head a new Commission for Health Improvement. They will have executive powers to organise investigations in trusts identified by the Department of Health as being ‘in trouble’.

The move is part of a package of measures attempting to raise standards in the NHS, and is revealed in a consultation paper “A First Class Service – Quality in the New NHS.”

Launching the consultation paper at the three day conference to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the NHS, Mr Dobson, Secretary of State for Health, said: “The Government is putting quality at the heart of the new NHS. We are doing something that no Government has ever done. New mechanisms to set standards, deliver standards, monitor standards. The Government is not prepared to leave quality in the NHS to chance. Patients deserve a first class service wherever they are treated.”

The consultation document is available from the NHS Responseline on 0541 555 455.