Headlines: July 14th, 1998

Managers in all sectors have been urged to act on new research into people’s attitude to public services.

Public Service Minister David Clark has published new research on people’s attitudes to public services drawn from 150 different pieces of research.

He said: “This research is a worthwhile read for anyone involved in delivering a public service – from people in colleges and Benefits Agency offices to those in hospitals and tax offices. It is a reminder to all involved that we need to give people the services they want, not what we, as public service providers, think they want.”

The report shows that people want:

* more and better information – the better informed people are about services the more satisfied they seem to be

* people are willing to deal with services electronically to cut queues and paperwork

* better integrated and co-ordinated services – continuity is seen as very important

* advice on how to apply information to their own circumstances.

Copies of the report, People and Public Services, are available from Leila Carlyle at the Office for Public Management on 0171 837 9600, at 10 pounds 50 pence.