Headlines: July 16th, 1998

Education and Employment Minister Kim Howells says a summer consultation over the future of Training and Enterprise Councils will help deliver the government’s aim of an enterprising and inclusive society.

He’s announced a review of the government-funded TECS, found in most areas of Britain, whose job is to help local economies, principally by helping people increase their skills and move into better-paid work.

There has been concern raised at the amount of public money spent by TECS, who have little local accountability. And local authority chief executives are among those invited to respond.

Another development the consultation will prepare for is the likely relationship between the TECS and the new Regional Development Agencies, which the Government is setting up to further boost local economies.

The result of the consultation will be fresh strategic guidance for TECs in the Autumn for the remainder of this Parliament.

The closing date for responses to “TECs -Meeting the challenge of the Millennium” is 30 September 1998. The document was launched jointly between the DFEE and the DETR