Headlines: July 22nd, 1998

Clinical negligence costing 300 million pounds a year is putting excessive pressure on health funds according to the Institute of Health Services Management.

‘What makes this news particularly disturbing is the number of health authorities and trusts that have got in severe financial difficulties. We need a real team effort between health professionals and the government to ensure the highest standards of care and the best use of resources.’ said Suzanne Tyler, Deputy Director of the IHSM

“This is cash the NHS cannot afford to throw away – just think of the extra patient care this money could have been used to purchase instead. ‘Reducing this cost and eliminating the waste of precious resources is an enormous challenge for managers, doctors and nurses. The way to reduce litigation is to wipe out the clinical negligence which causes it.

‘The government’s strong lead on clinical governance sets the agenda for eliminating unsafe practices, more robust audit of practice and the adoption of clinical guidelines. There is no excuse for doing things badly”.