Headlines: July 22nd, 1998

Margaret Beckett, President of the Board of Trade today said that public and private enterprise can deal with the millennium bug if managers face up to the problem.

Her comments follow the publication of the second Science and Technology Select Committee report setting out an action programme across Government for dealing with the Millennium bug problem.

Mrs Beckett, who Chairs the Cabinet Committee, MISC4, which is examining the century date change problem, said: “One of the most striking aspects of the Bug – its capacity to affect every aspect of the UK economy. No enterprise, public or private, can afford to ignore it. Though time is running out fast, businesses can still make a real difference if they act now to make sure that their business critical systems are prepared”.

“The Bug is a business problem, not just a technical one. Managers who have not yet done so need to face up to the issue, and work out exactly how they might be affected. We will be working closely with Action 2000 to make sure concrete advice and guidance is available to help them do so.”

Copies of “The Year 2000 – Computer Compliance” Government Response to the Second Report from the Science and Technology Select Committee, Session 1997-8 (ISBN 0-10-139442-X) are available from the Stationery Office Bookshops price £4.00.