Headlines: July 23rd, 1998

Health Secretary Frank Dobson announced today that the whole of the Government is committed to a public health crusade against inequalities.The programme will involve the whole of the public sector.

“This is an across the board programme. Every Government Department is joined up and signed up to tackle the things that make people ill – poverty, low pay, unemployment, poor housing, environmental pollution, crime and disorder” said Mr. Dobson.

“We are targeting help on the families and areas that have suffered most deprivation and most ill health. The Comprehensive Spending Review settlement includes:

– nearly £4 billion to be invested in new or improved homes for people with nowhere decent to live, and for improved insulation;

– £3 billion extra for deprived communities through the New Deal for the Communities and Regeneration Projects;

– £1.7 billion for transport designed to relieve air and noise pollution in the worst affected areas;

– £540 million for the Sure Start children’s fund to give the most deprived children a better start in life;

– £2.5 million to raise the living standards of the worst off pensioners, and reduce fuel poverty.

“The extra money we have announced for the NHS and the reforms we are making will help provide more and better treatment and care for people who are ill. But that’s not all we want to do. We are determined to stop so many people falling ill in the first place.