Headlines: July 28th, 1998

The Government has taken steps to ensure that once staff train in the NHS – they stay with the NHS.

The measures may go some way to mitigating the problems expected by managers and unions within the service after the Chancellor’s indication that public sector salaries will not see any major improvements in the next three years.

From April next year a new careers advice service will include information and guidance on all jobs in the NHS, made available in every part of the country.

Initially for nurses, health visitors and midwives, it will extend later to include other professions.

Secretary of State for Health Frank Dobson said: “We want staff to stay in with the NHS longer. We want to make it easier to come back to the NHS after career breaks. We want to make sure that NHS management pursues family friendly employment policies so that it is easier to reconcile family responsibilities through flexible arrangements for when people work – whether it is hours of the day, days of the year or weeks of the year.”