Headlines: August 3rd, 1998

Margaret Hodge, Minister for Disabled People, has announced further progress in taking forward the Government’s commitment to comprehensive, enforceable civil rights for disabled people.

Mrs Hodge announced that together with the National Disability Council, the Government has launched a consultation on the introduction of new rights of access to goods, facilities and services under the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA).

Mr Grayson, Chairman of the National Disability Council said: “The existing Code of Practice, which is based on proposals made by the NDC, is playing an important role in helping people understand and comply with the current rights of access. The Council has now developed proposals for a new Code which will help the courts, service providers and disabled people understand the further rights coming into force next year. It is important that we get this new Code of Practice right and we want to hear people’s views on our draft, therefore, before we make our final proposals to the Government”

Mrs Hodge said: “We are moving decisively to ensure that it will no longer be the case that so many of our disabled citizens are excluded from the everyday activities that others take for granted.

The Government has also begun consultation on new rights for disabled members of trade organisations.