Headlines: August 5th, 1998

Two organisations that support managers in public service have produced a
helpful checklist for anyone called upon to work on preparations for the
introduction of the Euro.

Although Britain won’t be joining the single currency on January 1 next year,
there are areas of Government and commerce that will see big change in the way
business is conducted.

The Government has already demonstrated its support to British businesses that
wish to work in Euros by indicating that it will be prepared to accept tax
payments in the currency.

Now, the Local Government Association and Local Government International Bureau
have produced a ‘Euro checklist’ , which suggests that local authorities should
be looking at the following areas:

Organisational arrangements, information Technology, finance systems, legal
implications, economic development and regeneration, and social services.

Cllr Ken Bodfish, Chair of the LGIB said: “Local government can play a key role
in educating not just their own councils, but also small businesses and the
voluntary sector, who will all be affected when the Euro appears on the scene.
This Euro checklist will help local authorities to identify the main questions
they will need to ask themselves in order to be fully prepared.”

For further information call Mo O’Toole at the LGIB on 0171 664 3100.