Headlines: August 7th, 1998

No longer will individual police forces settle down to work out their own aims
and objectives.

For the first time, the Home Office and the Association of Chief Police
Officers have agreed a set of aims and objectives that will take all forces
into the Millennium.

The aims are: to promote safety and reduce disorder, reduce crime and the fear of crime, contribute to delivering justice in a way that secures and maintains public confidence in the rule of law.

The objectives include: keeping order and reducing anti-social behaviour,
provide high quality, timely evidence contributing to fairly conducted
prosecutions, and help to meet the needs of victims and witnesses.

The Association of Police Authorities and ACPO are working with the Home
Office, HM Inspectorate of Constabulary and the Audit Commission to develop new performance indicators which will measure the success of the police in meeting the new aims and objectives.

Ministers will continue to set annual development priorities for the police.