Headlines: August 12th, 1998

The Local Government Association is preparing to brief councillors and officers

on the implications of the just published white paper which promises major
change for authorities across the country.

Local Government White Paper: The Next Steps is a series of LGA briefings and conferences, with a session being held in Manchester Town Hall tomorrow
(Thursday), starting at 10am.

The LGA is also intending to hold a conference during September, at which
Deputy Prime Minister, The Rt Hon John Prescott MP, will speak.

There will also be a further series of four regional events on the Finance
elements of the white paper and the Comprehensive Spending Review, the proposed new Ethical Framework, the Democratic Agenda and Best Value.

The LGA has already welcomed the white paper as an important step forward in helping local government deliver better services for local people says the
proposals as they are do not go far enough fast enough, especially in giving
councils more spending power.

The organisation is now pressing Government to back up its proposals with early legislation.

For more information on the Manchester event contact: LGA Information Services (0171 664 3131).