Headlines: August 14th, 1998

More Health Action Zones have been announced – with the task of targeting areas of poor health with new partnership working.

They will serve more than seven million people across England and pour into the targeted areas an extra fifteen million pounds of funding.

Frank Dobson, Secretary of State for Health, said: “In each of the 15 selected areas, special action will be taken to improve the health of local people, reduce health inequalities, and prevent people from becoming ill in the first place. Standards of treatment and care will be improved. Local health and social services will work together more closely to break down artificial barriers which hinder joint local action.”

Among the schemes are Wakefield, whose scheme has a strong partnership with others in the health services, Leeds, which is engaging the voluntary sector in their HAZ with a proposal for a city-wide organisation to provide an integrated health service to all the people of the city, and Merseyside, which will work up an integrated care approach, including pooling resources, promoting primary care and reducing hospital admissions. The new zones follow an initial tranche of eleven.