Headlines: August 17th, 1998

The Government has been giving examples of how a people-centred approach has helped the New Deal for Young People include the needs of disabled people to get back into work.

It says that more than 10,000 disabled people have taken advantage of the
Government’s New Deal for Young People since it was launched nationally in April.

Disabled people claiming Jobseekers Allowance can benefit from the New Deal
immediately, without having to be unemployed for six months like other applicants.

And the New Deal provides specialist help by giving ‘tasters’ of New Deal options so that applicants can try out a place to make sure they are able to cope, taking account of the need for some disabled people to restrict the hours they are available for work.

The Government has cited a woman who has had taxi fares paid in order to allow her to complete a work trial and then move into full time work.

Another woman who needed to work in an outside environment has been helped secure a placement which will give her the practical experience to back up professional qualifications in countryside management.

And a young man who had not worked for four years has now been helped find an employer willing to try him out through a subsidised job as a trainee office manager. He told his Advisor he could not have asked for anything more.