Headlines: August 24th, 1998

New directions have been published which the Government says will ensure
lottery money going into education and health will back up Government policies
and strategies already underway in these areas.

Due to the success of the National Lottery, a New Opportunities Fund is being
set up to distribute a billion pounds to new projects beyond the arts, heritage
and sport, which are already regular beneficiaries.

Three types of project have been chosen to receive money: healthy living
centres, out of school activities and information and communications technology
training for teachers and librarians.

Culture Secretary Chris Smith said: “The directions will ensure NOF expenditure is devoted to these initiatives, which were set out in our White Paper ‘The People’s Lottery’. They set the framework for NOF’s operations as an efficient, accountable, independent public body like the other lottery distributors, as well as putting in place challenging targets in each initiative.

“And they will require NOF, like the other distributors, to take account of
important Government policies and strategies relevant to its work, such as
education and health action zones, the National Grid for Learning, sustainable
development, and economic and social regeneration.”

The directions reflect discussions with a range of interested organisations and
other Government departments, and formal consultation with the Board of the New Opportunities Fund, which was created by the National Lottery Act 1998.