Headlines: August 28th, 1998

Local authorities have been provided with detailed ideas on how theyl
can improve themselves and reform how they operate.

The information comes in a joint report from the Local Government Association
and the Local Government Management Board which highlights the importance of sustainability in implementing the Government’s new Best Value framework for local government.

‘Integrating sustainable development into Best Value’ has been published within
days of the local government white paper, which proposes a new duty to `put
sustainable development at the heart of council decision-making’.

The new guide recommends taking what worked from the old compulsory competitive tendering approach to many council services – retaining the client/customer relationship – created by holding some staff responsible for policing the quality of service provided.

The new guide follows the proposed Best Value performance management framework, suggesting how to address sustainability issues at each stage and provides ideas for undertaking sustainability assessments.

By sharing good practice and innovative thinking the LGA and LGMB aim to help local authorities respond to demands for change.

The document is available from the LGMB (0171 296 6600) and is priced at 20 pounds.