Headlines: September 3rd, 1998

The Home Secretary has praised pilot partnership work which is cutting
crime and fear of crime in Swansea.

As part of his month long “Cutting Crime – Building Communities” tour,
Jack Straw visited the area’s graffiti removal scheme and Victim Support
Scheme. Both are based on the sort of partnerships local authorities and
the police will be required to set up under the Crime and Disorder Act
which received Royal Assent on 31 July 1998.

He said: “The anti-graffiti scheme and VSS project are inspiring examples
of how local partnerships can reduce both offending and the fear of crime.

“Under the Act local authorities and the police will be required to work
together to develop local solutions to tackle local problems. After
carrying out a full, fresh crime audit they will need a well-thought-out
crime reduction strategy to deal with the problems revealed by the audit –
involving other local agencies like probation and social services,
voluntary organisations and business.

The graffiti removal scheme involves a partnership between the City and
County of Swansea, the Probation Service, youth groups and voluntary sector
organisations, and was set up after identifying that graffiti was a
significant factor in people’s fear of crime and experience of bullying and
racial harassment

The scheme which uses local ex-offenders on Community Service Orders to
remove graffiti has been well received locally, and has proved cost

The Victim Support “No More Repeats” scheme also also involves the council
and police. Victims of burglary considered likely to be broken into again
are offered free professional fitting of police approved security measures,
such as mortice and window locks.