Headlines: September 5th, 1998

The new regional bodies of government should be brought in to develop greater coherence and co-ordination of provision for post-16 education and training, is the conclusion of a new report.

The report, from the Institute for Public Policy Research, sheds light on the large numbers of young people (around one in ten), who regularly truant, leave school without any qualifications, and who then do not go into education, training or employment.

And it makes a series of recommendations for 14-19 year olds:

     A new ‘Youth Allowance’ for 16-19 year olds, replacing Child Benefit for some, no benefit for others.

    A unified 14-19 curriculum/qualifications framework, incorporating academic, general vocational and work-based qualifications

    Extension of the New Deal for the unemployed, and mandatory traineeships to the 16-18 group

    Using regional bodies to develop greater coherence and co-ordination of provision through unified funding systems for post-16 education and training

The role of the proposed regional development bodies has yet to be made clear by government.

Josh Hillman, co-author of the report said: ‘We need to ensure that strategies for tackling under achievement and non-participation raise the tide to lift all boats. This report is aimed at replacing the gold standard for the few and low standards for many with higher standards for all.’

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