Headlines: September 8th, 1998

The Government has announced a scheme to pair young people with adult ‘role models’.

The ‘role models’ will be people who can give young people the motivation to succeed, and builds on an development exercise carried out in many areas  of professional life.

The projects have been awarded a slice of a hundred and fifty thousand pound Government fund
– the National Mentoring Bursary Programme.

Around a third of the projects will target disaffected pupils prone to truancy, who are underachieving, or at risk of exclusion. Others cater for youngsters with special needs and those from ethnic minorities.

The successful projects include a pilot programme to improve job prospects for pupils at a South Derbyshire school. The children will be paired with employees and visit workplaces.

Another project to benefit is a scheme for under-achieving girls in Camden who will be paired with women who have carved out successful careers in business.

Schools Minister Charles Clarke said: “All these individual projects have tremendous potential. I am equally pleased that these initiatives will be evaluated not justindividually, but nationally too, enabling best practice

to be adopted.”