Headlines: September 10th, 1998

Local councils are getting together with the business community for a series of regional meetings dubbed ‘Listening to Business.’The seminars are being organised jointly by the Local Government Association and the British chambers of Commerce.

It follows a recognition of the need for an even closer relationship between the two in the interests of everyone – businesses create local economic activity and employ local residents; councils provide essential services.

Key subjects for discussion are the government’s new proposals for modernisation of all aspects of local councils working, including a small local business rate to fund expenditure agreed with local business.

LGA chair Cllr Sir Jeremy Beecham said: ‘Local businesses and local government both want the same thing – providing a quality product and promoting the interests of the local community.

‘I am sure these seminars will help businesses and councils develop a better relationship so that they can work together.

‘All over the country, there have been positive partnerships that provide
models for new ways of working. We need to learn from these, identify what
works and share it more widely.’