Headlines: September 10th, 1998

The Home Office has welcomed a radical new product aimed at making young people think twice about crime.Funded jointly from the public and private sector, every secondary school in Greater Manchester is set to receive a copy of the computer ‘game’, together with an accompanying teachers handbook.

The application, on CD ROM, faces young people with a series of real-life scenarios, sometimes calling for tough choices when faced with hazardous situations.

Unlike life, they can witness the likely outcomes of their actions before they commit themselves to a final decision on what to do. The scenarios include dealing with troublesome youths, joy-riding, home security and personal safety.

Home Office Minister Kate Hoey said: “There is a need to involve everyone in making our communities safer. Partnerships are the way forward, and VR Crime Conquest is an excellent example. Developed between the police, the education authorities and private business, it clearly demonstrates what can be achieved.

“With this project, young people are able to experience and interact with a series of scenarios, in a modern medium, to consider responsible

For further details on the software, contact Virtual Presence Ltd on (0161)
969 1155 or Greater Manchester Police on (0161) 856 2218.