Headlines: September 25th, 1998

Twelve towns and cities across England and Wales have been chosen for closer examination of their efforts to build crime fighting partnerships.In July the Crime and Disorder Act set out a statutory partnershiparrangement for police and local authorities to work together to combat crime.

A crime audit is needed in the spring of next year, followed up by a strategy to tackle both crime and the fear of crime found in each area

Now a team of ‘factfinders’ is to tour some chosen communities, help them set up the projects, draw lessons from these early experiences, and report on them.

The Government says the lessons will be fed back into all other statutory partnerships.

The ‘pathfinder’ sites are Blackburn, Bradford, Mansfield, Newcastle, Yeovil, Southampton, Stoke-on-Trent, Ampthill, St Helens, Sutton, Swansea and Gwynedd.

Home Office Minister Alun Michael said: “Guidance published in August sets out what we want partnerships to achieve and provides ideas and advice on how to go about this. It is a working document that will be added to as new ideas and experiences from the pathfinder sites emerge.”

Guidance on statutory crime and disorder partnerships is available on the Home Office website at www.homeoffice.gov.uk/cdact/index.htm