Headlines: September 30th, 1998

The Prime Minister says car crime could be cut by thirty percent through partnership working between Government, car manufacturers and the police.Tony Blair told the Labour Party Conference it was one of the boldest partnerships in fighting crime seen from a Labour government.

He also gave more figures to back up the Government’s measures on crime and disorder. The new Crime and Disorder Act contains a statutory duty for police and local authorities to work together to first identify through audit and then tackle, that crime which is affecting their individual areas.

He said such targeted policing had cut burglary in Huddersfield by 30 per cent and crime on one Leicester estate by 29 per cent.

He told those against the development that there was no point arguing it couldn’t be done, when there was proof it could.

He said: “Don’t show zero imagination. Help us to have zero tolerance of crime.”

His speech to conference also revealed details of the first ever Government Paper on the Family, to be published in October. He said it would give practical support to parents and children; deal with poverty; help in balancing work and family; and take action on domestic violence, teenage
pregnancies; and on supporting marriage.Conference speeches are being published on the internet at www.conf.labour.org.uk/