Headlines: September 30th, 1998

Policy makers and communicators in local government are being challenged to demonstrate the value for money they provide to the public.Market-testing is routine for direct public services such as the emptying of dustbins and street maintenance, but with the Government’s drive for all of the sector to demonstrate ‘best value’, no service, however remote from day-to-day contact with the public, is free from examination.

Three Steps to Best Value is a practical day long seminar being held in Redditch in the Midlands on November 2nd, which promises to help such backroom workers re-assess their work.

It will help officers define the value they bring, and how to test their product against other similar services.

The session is hosted by Redditch Borough Council. Head of Communications Fran Collingham, who is about to begin testing her own department for ‘best value’ said: “This session will be challenging. And it needs to be to equip people to cope with best value.

“It will also provide a forum for finding solutions to hearing how each council is tackling this challenge, as a way of recognising that no one yet