Headlines: October 1st, 1998

From today (Thursday) Britain is enforcing new regulations giving workers new entitlements to holidays, rest breaks and a maximum 48 hour working week.The new Working Time Regulations sets out that workers should be entitled to a minimum of three weeks paid annual leave, 11 hours rest a day, a day’s rest a week, in-work rest breaks, a limit of an average of 48 hours a week which a worker can be required to work and a limit of an average of eight hours work in 24 hours for night workers.

Ian McCartney, DTI Minister of State, said: “Modern successful companies recognise the competitive benefits of a motivated and alert workforce. These Regulations aim to bring all employers up to the standards of the best.

“Businesses will benefit from a more alert and efficient workforce and workers will be protected from being forced to work excessive hours. The new measures will encourage family friendly working practices and enable working parents to balance their work and family responsibilities.

Leaflets and guidance booklets on the new regulations are available from:
08456 000925 and through the DTI website: www.dti.gov.uk/workright.