Headlines: October 6th, 1998

The Department of Education and Employment and OFSTED are re-emphasising the important of careers advice and career planning skills as key to the success of tomorrow’s workforce.The careers advice service in schools is to be improved with more formalised training for those teachers responsible for careers advice, and minimum levels of career guidance given to each child.

One of the challenges faced by schools will be to benchmark the careers education and guidance service they offer against national standards.

Lifelong Learning Minister, George Mudie, said: “Schools and careers services have a vital role in equipping all young people with the knowledge, understanding and skills to manage their own careers throughout their lives. This role is all the more important for the next millennium when people can expect more change in the kind of work that they do.

‘Careers education and guidance has a vital role to play in engaging those young people who have dropped out of learning, or who are at risk of dropping out. These young people need extra support to help them to raise their aspirations.”

The first DfEE/OFSTED National Survey of Careers Education and Guidance is published in two reports available free from the OFSTED Publications
Centre, PO Box 6927, London E3 3NZ.