Headlines: October 7th, 1998

The Ministry of Defence has launched what it calls a ‘whole life’ approach to the men and women who join the services.In the past the MOD has been criticised by some ex-servicemen and women for a lack of support once they leave.

But now an estimated 15 million ex-service personnel and their dependents have access to a dedicated call centre which will provide both a listening service and provide informed and practical advice.

In establishing the Veterans’ Advice Unit, MoD and VAU staff have liaised closely with other government departments, local authority social services, and non-governmental organisations who work in this area. The VAU will continue this liaison to ensure it provides a comprehensive, informed and helpful service.

The VAU is staffed by experienced Warrant Officers from the Army, Navy and Air Force, who are trained in telephone communication skills. All calls are charged at local rates.

The VAU also has a website, which can be visited at: