Headlines: October 13th, 1998

While many public sector managers are struggling to cope with the change they can already see on the horizon, the Public Management Foundation has put together a picture of how the world might look in he year 2008.A survey of 250 leaders of public and voluntary bodies, private businesses, academics and politicians was used to get a consensus on the key drivers of change in the years ahead.

Researchers took these change drivers, which included social values and public service policy, and put together possible futures that may result. From these futures they have built two scenarios incorporating a range of possibilities for how the world may look in 2008.

The scenarios present a new set of challenges for public service managers and raise the question who will be the managers of the future and what experience will they need. These and more aspects of the Foundation’s work will be discussed at a conference, hosted by the New Statesman, on Thursday this week (October 15).
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