Headlines: October 23rd, 1998

There has been welcome support for the Deputy Prime Minister’s announcement of an urban white paper next year.And the Urban Task Force already in place to look for answers to urban problems has responded by stepping up its work in order that its findings and be presented and considered in the white paper.

Task Force Chairman Lord Rogers also announced that a team of local government experts will assist the Task Force in the speeded up process.

He said: “The announcement of the White Paper is very exciting news. We now know that the Government is going to have a formal channel for responding to our findings. It will give everyone on the Task Force extra impetus to produce a tight package of recommendations that can contribute towards the urban renaissance which we all seek.

“The Task Force has received an amazing level of assistance from local authorities, whether by organising study tours of their areas, submitting consultation responses or participating on our working groups. They have really led the way.”

>From the start of November, four officers will be working on the following areas of study: building bridges between town centre regeneration and inner urban communities; aftercare and management of completed regeneration projects; project delivery management structures and use of designated regeneration areas and the impact of planning obligations and planning gain on the process of urban regeneration.