Headlines: October 28th, 1998

Nationwide access for travellers to co-ordinated information about all public transport took a major step forward with the first industry-wide Public Transport Information Conference in London.Transport Minister Glenda Jackson said the conference was an excellent example of transport operators, local authorities and technology specialists working in partnership.

Its aim was to debate how travel information could be improved, and was backed by the Minister’s announcement of an invitation for local authorities to bid for money for capital expenditure on public transport information.

She said: “Government should do what it can to provide local authorities with the funding to fill the gaps in passenger transport information at a local level, or to enhance what already exists.”

Local authorities are now will be invited to bid for capital spending on funds for public transport information capital expenditure projects, for the remainder of this financial year and for next year.

Beyond that, Capital expenditure on public transport information will be a component of the new-style Local Transport Plans, on which the department will shortly be issuing guidance to authorities.

The Government’s recent white paper, “A New Deal for Transport:Better for Everyone” was published in July.