Headlines: October 28th, 1998

Parents who increasingly want to use comparative information about schools to help them choose what is best for their child have seen their task made easier by OFSTED.OFSTED, the government department with responsibility for the inspection of all schools in England, has redesigned and expanded its Internet website.

It means improved public access to over 24,000 school inspection reports, 18,000 nursery reports and a range of other publications.

OFSTED says the improvements include a clearer and easier to follow structure, more reports and a better search facility to help users find the reports they want more quickly.

The OFSTED website provides a massive database which is one of the most heavily visited of all government websites. All 18,000 primary schools, 3,600 secondary schools and 1,300 special schools, and the 15,000 providers of funded education for 4 year-olds in the private, voluntary and independent sector, have been inspected at least once.

The website address remains the same: www.ofsted.gov.uk