Headlines: November 6th, 1998

The Government has called upon British business to help make Britain’s public transport system better.Ahead of further guidelines due soon which will urge businesses and local authorities to work harder on greener transport policies, Transport Minister Dr John Reid said public transport could be made more effective if the commercial opportunities in the New Deal for Transport were seized by the private sector.

He said: “There will be no going back to the old days, with the state running everything, heedless of the results and the service delivery to the public and the consumer. The Government’s proposals for public-private partnerships demonstrate that we will not let dogma stand in the way of the right solution, the right balance of public and private sector responsibility. Achieving a sustainable transport system must be a joint responsibility.”

The Government is due to launch a consultation paper in the next few weeks on road user charging and a workplace parking levy. It will also issue draft guidance to local authorities on how local transport plans should be prepared.

The DETR has commissioned consultants to produce a guide which will illustrate to employers the costs and benefits of green transport plans, setting the costs of such plans in the context of employers’ existing transport-related expenditure, and providing them with advice on how costs can be overcome or reduced.

The Department is also commissioning a short study looking at ways in businesses that provide ‘green’ transport goods or services can use this feature to promote their products.