Headlines: November 9th, 1998

More details have emerged about growth plans for the National Grid for Learning.Within the Prime Minister’s announcement of seven hundred million pounds for schools to support information and communications technology for UK schools, was news of further development of the Grid, with a section to be devoted for teacher use to improve teaching standards.

One of the ways in which schools will spend the new money is in ensuring they have access to and use the National Grid for Learning, which is already providing curriculum support and teacher training materials. The Standards Site (http://www.standards.dfee.gov.uk) on the National Grid for Learning is supporting the drive for improvements in literacy and numeracy in primary schools and offering voluntary schemes of work for teachers in national curriculum subjects.

Education Secretary David Blunkett said: “The National Grid for Learning is a key tool in our drive to raise standards and open up learning to all. The Standards Site will disseminate good practice and measures to help raise standards in schools. It includes guidance on target-setting, literacy, numeracy and bench-marking and practical help for teachers.

“It is as important that we educate both teachers and pupils in when not to use technology, as when and how to use technology. Preparing not only for the development of technology as part of the integrated learning programme of the future, but also for the world of work for tomorrow, is our challenge.”