Headlines: November 10th, 1998

The DETR has received so many letters from people frustrated by their neighbours’ refusal to reduce the height of leylandii and other high garden hedges, that it has produce a guide available on the internet to the courses of action available to them.Quick-growing and invasive leylandii can block light to gardens and homes; views from windows and their roots can even damage property through causing subsidence.

The DETR acknowledges it can cause neighbours of leylandii owners huge stress, not least through fears of reduced property values.

Its Leylandii Briefing note covers legal remedies open to victims of leylandii planting, including use of the new Crime and Disorder Act, and also advises mediation.

It attempts to explain why the Government cannot immediately introduce new and stronger legislation, and points to the positive action it is taking by attempting to work up an acceptable voluntary code of practice.

Find the briefing note at www.wildlife-countryside.detr.gov.uk/leylandii/index.htm