Headlines: November 12th, 1998

LOCAL authorities are now on course to beat the Year 2000 Millennium Bug, a new report shows.The survey, by the Audit Commission, highlights areas where councils are taking direct action to tackle the bug, which could devastate computer systems throughout the country when the new Millennium arrives.

Local Government Association chairman Sir Jeremy Beecham said: `It is every council’s responsibility to make sure that this problem is dealt with. But this report shows councils know that the clock is ticking and are taking action to defeat the bug.

He added: `Although this is very good news I am urging everyone involved at a local level to take the millennium bug seriously before it’s too late. This is not an easy problem to solve but local government is determined to beat it.’

The latest information from the Audit Commission is an improvement on previous reports about the ability of the public sector to cope with the bug. Although central government departments set about tackling the challenge early, local councils and health authorities were criticised for being slow off the mark.

Further details can be obtained from the Action 2000 website: www.open.gov.uk/bug2000.htm