Headlines: November 20th, 1998

2Keith Hellawell, the UK Anti-Drugs Co-ordinator, has welcomed new guidance on drugs misuse for teachers and youth workers.The new guidance was criticised earlier this week, ahead of issue, for the suggestion it might tie the hands of headteachers in dealing with pupils found with drugs.

Mr Hellawell said: “The good practice set out in “Protecting Young People – GoodPractice in Drug Education in Schools and the Youth Service” forms the cornerstone in the Government’s anti-drugs strategy. This new guidance offers a clear way forward to get the right messages across.”

The guidance uses the experiences of health professionals and OFSTED findings to identify the most effective approaches to drug education.

Schools Minister Charles Clarke said: “Our latest guidance concentrates on how drug education should be most effectively delivered.

“Most schools have taken the issue of drugs seriously, developing policies and delivering good quality drug education. But we want to make sure the coverage is more systematic and that no school regardsdrugs as an issue to be swept under the carpet.”

The guidance also highlights how important it is for teachers, youth workers and governors to work in partnership with the police, health professionals and drug and alcohol agencies.

The guidance can be accessed via the Internet at the DfEE’s Standard Site (www.standards.dfee.go.uk).