Headlines: November 26th, 1998

The importance of working smarter, not just harder, has been underlined by the Trade Secretary’s launch of a new programme to help small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) who have innovative products or services to sell to the US market.Export USA aims to equip companies with the skills – particularly in the field of marketing – to enable them to succeed in the US. Those companies accepted on the programme will be offered mentoring from a named DTI officer based in the USA, a tailored marketing course at a university business school looking specifically at working the US market and a visit to a relevant US trade fair or conference.

Peter Mandelson said: “Increasingly, competitive success is being driven by how we create, use and share one vital resource: knowledge. My job and that of my Department is to make sure that all our companies, whether in manufacturing or services, are capable of competing in the world’s leading knowledge-driven market place – the USA.”

The Initiative will run for three years and it is intended that up to 600 SMEs will benefit from the scheme during that period. The cost to each company will be one thousand pounds.