Headlines: November 27th, 1998

Sports Minister Tony Banks today outlined the Government’s new strategic attitude to sport, with the announcement of a framework for a sports policy strategy to be published next year.The new strategy will concentrate on improving access to both facilities and quality coaching, achieving better health through activity and lifelong learning through sport.

It will also look for higher achievement in sport and to maximise the wealth and employment creating potential of sport.

Tony Banks called on all Governing Bodies of sport to take an active part in the consultation process about the strategy, which will take place over the coming months.

He said, “The policy needs to ensure that sport is part of the Government’s wider policies to tackle social exclusion. We need to improve the partnerships between a whole range of agencies if we areto make the most effective use of resources. We need to be clear about how best to target sports provision at the most vulnerable and disadvantaged groups in society.”

As examples, he said the New Opportunities Fund would make substantial resources available for the creation of Healthy Living Centres, and more money would be made available for after-school activities to motivate young people and foster a positive attitude to learning.