Headlines: December 2nd, 1998

The shape of the future Greater London Authority became a little clearer with the recommendations from the Local Government Commission (LGC) for what should make up the fourteen constituencies of the new assembly.The LGC’s recommendations reflect the ruling by the Government, that there should be 14 constituencies, each made up of combinations of 2 or more whole London Boroughs. The Commission was also asked to ensure that each constituency should cater for broadly equal numbers of voters.

The LGC initially produced its findings in draft form, and public comment has been taken into account.in the final recommendation. Copies of the LGC report can be obtained from the LGC, Dolphyn Court, 10-11 Great Turnstile, London. WC1V 7JU.

The Final Recommendations are also available for reference at the offices of all of the London Boroughs and public libraries.

Minister for London, Nick Raynsford said: “The recommended boundaries are one further step on the road towards bringing the GLA to life. We will make progress in many other areas over the coming months starting with the GLA Bill being introduced into Parliament shortly. Londoners will then have a much clearer picture of how our proposals will work in action.”