Headlines: December 4th, 1998

The next job of the Better Regulation Task Force is to see if they can preserve what’s best in Britain’s anti-discrimination at the same time as cutting red tape.Announcing the terms of reference for the review, working group chairman Ram Gidoomal said: “Most small businesses support anti-discrimination laws in principle, but feel that the current legislation places unfair demands on limited resources. We want to see if there is a way of cutting red tape whilst ensuring regulators do genuinely deliver equality and prevent discrimination.

“We will be taking a critical look at alternatives to regulation, such as codes of practice, and examining the experience of countries that have taken this route.”

The Task Force will also consider proposals from the Commission for Racial Equality and the Equal Opportunity Commission for reform of existing legislation.

The Task Force working group will be consulting key stakeholders, including the TUC, large and smallbusiness groups, voluntary sector umbrella groups and those representing individuals. TheReview will be completed by the Spring.

The Better Regulation Task Force is an independent advisory body assisted and advised by the Better Regulation Unit of the Cabinet Office.

Copies of the Better Regulation principles leaflet and a list of task force reviews are available from: Better Regulation Task Force, room 67A/3, Horse Guards Road, London SW1P 3AL.