Headlines: December 18th, 1998

Higher Education as well as business has emerged as a winner in the Government’s CompetitivenessWhite Paper.Education and Employment Secretary, David Blunkett has announced that over the next three years his department and the DETR will be ploughing fifty million pounds into the new Higher Education Reach Out Fund (HERO), aimed at helping higher education respond better to business needs.

The Fund, which will come into operation next year, will support activities which increase the numbers of students getting quality work experience, those which help all students gain the key skills that business needs and courses which help those in work develop their existing skills. The first projects are intended to start in autumn 1999.

The White Paper ‘Our Competitive Future: Building the Knowledge Driven Economy’ set out 75 new initiatives worth 1.4 billion pounds that the Government intends to launch to enhance UK competitiveness and boost Britain’s share of world markets.