Headlines: January 5th, 1999

The Pathfinder projects that piloted the Government’s New Deal programme have put 9,000 young people into jobs in their first year.The Pathfinders began in January 1998, three months before the New Deal national launch.

The Government says the jobs are genuine, and that more than half are unsubsidised. A further 8,723 people have moved into education and voluntary options.

Included in the statistics is a young man who started his own fashion business in Eastbourne, and a woman who found work as a dog groomer in the North East after two years unemployment, fulfilling her ambition to work with animals.

New Deal covers young people aged 18-24 who have claimed Job Seekers Allowance continuously for six months. More detailed information on the New Deal can be found on the internet at www.newdeal.gov.uk