Headlines: January 6th, 1999

The Maritime & Coastguard Agency has become the latest Government agency to make its services available to customers on a one-stop-shop basis.The agency has announced that from now on it will have a phone line and email service offering a round the clock information service.

The agency says it expects to deal with questions as diverse as requests for weather forecasts from sailors, copies of regulations, requests to register vessels and queries on what to do with found wrecks.

The telephone number is 0870 6006505 and the email address is infoline@MCAgency.org.uk

The 24 hour Information Service has been located at the Coastguard’s Swansea Marine Rescue Co-ordination Centre where new staff have been recruited to help with the additional workload and existing staff trained to handle the calls. It is expected that some specialist calls may still need to be referred to specialist staff during ordinary office hours.