Headlines: January 7th, 1999

The Government is channelling money to ease winter pressures in the NHS at problems which either lie at the centre of the problem, or contribute to it.For the first time, details of benefiting projects have been announced, some of which demonstrate joined-up thinking in their choice.

In all, 2,200 projects benefit, in a detailed allocation of the money the Health Secretary first promised in November.

Some of the more innovative projects include a one-stop clinic in Walsall which will reduce pressure on in-patient beds, joint-working with local authorities in Calderdale and Kirklees to improve heating and insulation for vulnerable homes, which it is hoped will prevent the need for hospital visits.

And in Leeds, community action teams will provide community rehabilitation, intensive home treatment, a night sitting service and home care help to prevent unnecessary hospital admissions. the total value of the schemes is 159 million pounds. A further fifty million is being kept back for emergency issue to hospitals experiencing bottlenecks later in the winter.