Headlines: January 8th, 1999

The NHS Executive has taken the first step in establishing ‘information age’ management arrangements set out in the NHS’s information strategy, Information for Health.It has appointed Dr Peter Drury as the Head of Information Policy for the NHS. It will be his unit’s job to commission work to implement the strategy, armed with a one billion pound budget over seven years.

Among the tasks will be to connect all GPs to NHSNet, providing 24 hour access to patient records, and establishing an electronic library of health for use by health professionals.

The NHS Executive says the appointment is a milestone towards revolutionising the use of information and technology in the NHS for the benefit of both patients and healthcare professionals.

The NHS Information Strategy ‘Information for Health’ was launched in September 1998 and is available on the internet at www.imt4nhs.exec.nhs.uk/strategy/index.htm