Headlines: January 12th, 1999

Peter Kilfoyle, Minister for Public Service at the Cabinet Office, is to take part in a ‘live’ question and answer session on the internet tonight (Tuesday) to discuss better regulation.It’s one of the first times a government minister has used technology to consult people in advance of legislation.

The ‘chat’ will take place on the Enterprise Zone website at www.enterprisezone.org.uk, tonight at 6pm

Better regulation is a key part of the Government’s modernisation agenda for business. The Federation of Small Businesses has said that cutting red tape is the single most useful thing this government could tackle to improve prospects for small businesses.

Excessive or poorly conceived regulation is known to mean higher costs, less choice and fewer jobs.

The Enterprise Zone, is a website for SMEs hosted by The Dialog Corporation plc (“Dialog”) for the DTI and Business Links.

To view the on-line chat in ‘broadcast’ sound and vision format on the Enterprise Zone website, users will need to download Microsoft Media Player from the website in advance, which will take about 21 minutes on an average modem.

Those unable to access this can still access the session and read the questions and answers ‘live’ in typewritten form.