Headlines: January 13th, 1999

The Government is to undertake a series of nationwide seminars to get the public interested in climate change.Eight seminars will remind people of the Government’s plans to bind the UK to climate change targets agreed in Kyoto in Japan in late 1997.

The UK has agreed with its European partners to take a reduction of 12.5% in its greenhouse gases as its legally binding target.

Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott said Government action was not enough, and that others must now volunteer what they were going to do.

A consultation paper last October launched a national debate on how the UK can meet its climate change targets – achievement of which will require private and public sector action across the board.

The first seminar has just been held in Hull. Others are throughout January in Coventry, Plymouth, Nottingham, Bolton, Reading, Durham and Cambridge.

The consultation period ends on 12 February 1999. Copies of the consultation paper are available on the internet at www.detr.gov.uk