Headlines: January 20th, 1999

The DETR is to direct much greater energy into seeing a wider cross-section of society represented on Britain’s public bodies.Environment Minister Alan Meale has launched a recruitment campaign to recruit suitably skilled people to work at board level on bodies such as the Audit Commission, British Waterways, the Health and Safety Commission, and National Parks Authorities.

He said: “Membership of our public bodies are too narrowly representative of a limited range of specialisms such as the business community with many sections of the community largely unrepresented. We are therefore committed to making DETR’s public bodies more representative of the social and cultural mix in the country. I particularly urge women, people from ethnic backgrounds and disabled people to come forward.”

The advertising of these posts follows the recommendations of the Nolan Committee (The Committee on Standards in Public Life) for ensuring that openings on public bodies are brought to the attention of a wider range of suitable candidates.