Headlines: January 27th, 1999

A new report suggests that Britain’s police forces could offer a more coherent policy towards domestic violence, and that organisational change would boost the effectiveness of those officers tasked to tackle the problem.”Policing Domestic Violence: Effective Organisational Structures”, published by the Home Office, investigates how the police are organised to provide a service dealing specifically with domestic violence incidents.

The report says that police forces currently have such differing policies towards domestic violence it is difficult to compare them. It recommends they adopt Home Office definitions and give a stronger headquarters-level direction on what’s expected.

On a practical note, it suggests siting officers responsible for dealing with domestic violence units together, and putting them close to child protection teams, so that information can be shared. It also recommends greater networking between such officers across force boundaries for improved exchange of ideas.

The report is paper 100 from the Policing and Reducing Crime Unit. Copies are available from the Information and Publications Group on 0171 273 2084.