Headlines: February 2nd, 1999

Government is years behind the private sector in using the technology it

needs to deliver joined up services claims a new reseach report by Kable.
Researchers found that despite the talk about “joined up government” there
is barely any public-sector investment in some of the key technologies that
could get the job done.

Government investment in computer-telephone integration (CTI) is
negligible, Kable found. Its approach to CTI, which allows services to be                   delivered by telephone 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, is years behind                           that of the private sector. Where public services have dipped their toe in                           the water, they fail to gain the benefits of CTI because government fails to                     exploit the potential of the new technology and because its use is restricted                        to one department at a time.

Kable’s new study Communications Convergence in the Public Sector, shows
that against the ?6bn a year invested in IT across the public sector,
government will on present plans in 2001 still spend less than 10m pounds on the
some of the key technologies for delivering joined up services.