Headlines: February 5th, 1999

An overwhelming number of South Gloucestershire residents taking part in an independent Opinion Poll have given a positive response to questions about Council services. Satisfaction with services was found to be highest amongst the 65 plus age group, Council tenants and those without children.

Despite high levels of satisfaction, respondents said they would like higher priority given and more money spent on primary and secondary schools, services for elderly and disabled people and Council run youth services.

Respondents were given the opportunity to identify general issues of concern. 72% thought there were no particular problems, other than local ones to do with traffic, vandalism and lack of facilities for teenagers and children which was an issue identified by younger people and those with children. People aged 55 and over living in rural areas particularly identified problems with the volume of traffic and speeding cars.

This is the first time the council has used an Opinion Poll to gather a snapshot of what people living in South Gloucestershire think about their services.